When you arrive for your first appointment

When you arrive for your initial appointment, you will promptly be greeted by our front desk ladies. Before getting started, you will be asked to complete some brief paperwork outlining contact information, confidentiality, and other policies for Modern M.O.j.O. 






After completing the paperwork, you will be provided a brief introduction of how counseling and/or medication management will work to further ensure you understand what this will look like each step along the way. Again, we want you to know that we are only here to serve you and aid you with becoming happier and healthier.

You are driving this bus, we are here to help you get to where you need to go.

During this first session, it will look different than other sessions. Your provider will ask lots of questions, ranging from queries about your past to your current reason for sitting in their office today. Don’t be alarmed- this is completely normal.

The more pieces of the puzzle we can get during this initial session, the better and more complete our plan will be to get you where you want to be.

At the end of the first session, you and our staff of medical professionals will decide on the frequency and type of visits that will work best for your particular situation. Often, services occur more frequently in the beginning and then become more spaced out as you or your child improves.

IMPORTANT: If you are bringing a young child for their first appointment, please bring an adult to remain with them in our waiting room. Your provider will need information that you may not want your child to hear. Don’t worry, your child will be introduced to their provider towards the end of the session and a review of what to expect will be provided for your child on a level appropriate for them.

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