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 “Learn to deal with the fact that you are not a perfect person but you are a person that deserves respect and honesty.”

 - Pandora Poikilos - 

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Jillian V. Broeckert

Jillian Broeckert

Pronouns: She/Her

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Patient profiles: Ages of Patients 13+

Jillian sees a wide variety of clients:





Parenting Issues

Relationship Issues


Jillian is a Licenced Professional Clinical Counselor. She has been working with adolescents, young adults, adults, and parents in the mental health field since 2005. She has worked in nature-based therapy, young adult transition, parent coaching, and individual therapy. Jillian takes a compassionate, yet direct approach and works to meet each client where they are at. Jillian has experience working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, attachment, acute and developmental trauma, social anxiety, school refusal, parenting issues, relationship issues, emotional dysregulation, among other struggles.

Jillian V. Broeckert 1
Jillian V. Broeckert

Jillian’s many roles in the mental health field range from the day to day living with students as a field guide to working as a therapist since 2012 and serving as Clinical Director of two different programs. She believes in getting to the root of the issue and being creative to find what each individual and family needs for growth. Jillian has specialized training in brainspotting, mindfulness, attachment, and trauma sensitive yoga.

In her free time, you can find Jillian working on various art projects such as wood burning and jewelry making, She also loves yoga, traveling, and playing outside with her family.

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“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.”

 - Jung - 

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