Modern M.O.j.O. is a one-of-a-kind mental health outpatient clinic in Northern Minnesota.

From the germination of the idea for the clinic, to today’s large space, our mission at Modern M.O.j.O. has always been the same:

To provide quality, confidential, and individualized mental health services for all ages in a warm, comfortable, and unique atmosphere.

At Modern M.O.j.O., you will always be treated like a person- not a number or someone who is less-than.


You are a person. You have struggles. You aren’t alone. That’s why we do what we do.

Our Story:

Modern M.O.j.O. was established in 2017 by Tracy Zimmerman-DeSchepper & Brede DeSchepper.  What began as a creative mind, some day dreaming, and passion for helping patients has transformed into a service where mental health can be re-imagined.


From inception, we set out to design a different kind of mental health clinic than any in the area. Our idea started by this statement "A mental health facility should not be depressing or resemble a sterile hospital type setting." Our office will be an inviting, colorful, interactive, encouraging and uplifting place clients want to go to. 

The difference lies in how we treat our clients. From the nervous initial phone call to the joyful last session, our clients are not a number in our system. As a team, we work together towards better health and wellness for each of our clients. We strive for our patients to be independent and successful with services NOT dependent on services. 



                                                        Currently, Modern M.O.j.O. is housed in a newly remodeled, spacious                                                               1,200 square foot building, tucked away off of Highway 2 and 169.

                                                        Our current location allows for us to provide the privacy many of our clients                                                           desire all while delivering an individualized, comfortable, and warm                                                                   experience.

                                                        Although we continue to expand over the time, our commitment to                                                                       personalized treatment of our clients never wavers.


                                                        To take a tour of our clinic space, click HERE





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