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Dr. Shelley Leutschaft
Ph.D, L.P.

Licensed Psychologist

LOVEstrong Integrative Services, LLC

Services provided:

Psychosexual evaluations, sexual offense-specific interventions, domestic violence, anger management, cognitive/behavioral skill development, psychological evaluations, co-occurring conditions, life transitions, terminal illness/end-of-life, and personal empowerment.

Patient profiles:

Justice-involved adolescents and adults ages 18+ (probationers, parolees, court-ordered for psychological services), and correctional & law enforcement personnel.


"Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind.
           be led by the dreams in your heart."
                         ~Roy T. Bennett~

Dr. Shelley offers psychotherapy and solution focused interventions as LOVEstrong Integrative Services, under the Modern Mojo umbrella of providers. Educated in clinical psychology, she has served forensic populations for over 20 years via state and federal prisons, civil commitment facilities for MI-CD and SO populations, and community-based hospital programs.

​Maintaining a full-time position with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, Dr. Shelley understands, first-hand, the intricacies of working with individuals whose lives have been impacted by the legal system and the professionals who serve our communities. Her understanding and compassion for the human condition has helped hundreds of justice-involved individuals engage in behavioral change.

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