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"You're gonna be happy" said life, "But first I'll make you strong"


Tonya Zimmerman

Office Manager and Billing Specialist

  218-999-7750 EXT 2



Tonya has worked in administration for 15 years and has specialized in mental health billing since 2017. In addition to managing billing processes, manages office administration, and provides accounting support and supervision. Tonya is always focused on improving the revenue cycle and developing ways to enhance the reimbursement processes. She is passionate about efficiency and organization to keep things running smoothly.

Tonya is a proud Nebraska Volleyball fan, loves music, and enjoys going to concerts. She likes watching football and reality TV. Tonya loves spending time with her daughter, family, and friends. She relies on coffee, music, Diet Coke, and a good dose of sarcasm to get her through the day! 

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